JALPS 井川フィールドミーティング

N. Matsuoka (stuff) and Y. Inomata (student, M1) attended the JALPS field meeting, held from October 17 to 19 at Ikawa University Forest, University of Tsukuba.
【更新:10.23】 このFMの様子は,筑波大学農林技術センター演習林ブログ「森の便り」にも掲載されています.ぜひご覧ください.The field meeting was reported also in a blog of the University Forest.
では,日本の地形学者・砂防学者による講演のほか,スイス・ベルン大学の Markus Stoffel 先生と Daniel Trappmann さんによる“樹木地形学(dendrogeomorphology)”研究の講演も行われ,多くの分野の研究者・学生にとって非常に興味深いものでありました.
The program started with an international symposium on "Slope dynamics and ecosystem in steep mountains: Comparison between Swiss and Japanese Alps" in the afternoon of the first day. The symposium comprised six talks including special lectures on dendrogeomorphological research given by Prof. Markus Stoffel and Dr. Daniel Trappmann, University of Berne, Switzerland. All talks were followed by stimulating discussion among 22 interdisciplinary scientists and students.

On the second day the attendants went on a field trip in the University Forest and the surrounding area.

落石イベント発生時期を樹木の年輪を用いて推定する手法について,Stoffel 先生(写真奥)と Trappmann さん(写真手前)が実演してくださいました.
Prof. Stoffel and Dr. Trappmann demonstrated dendrogeomorphological methodology.
The timing of rock fall events can be reconstructed by analyzing tree rings.

In the afternoon, we visited two large rockslides called "Akakuzure" and "Bochi-nagi", which continue active erosion.

Although the prediction of the timing and location of mass movements is difficult because a number of factors and triggers are involved, we have learned a number of approaches to  tackle difficult problems during the meeting.

最後に,Stoffel 先生と Trappmann さん,今回のFMに参加された筑波大学育林学・自然保護学研究室の Lee Hao さん,および私(猪股)での記念写真.貴重な講演をありがとうございました!
The last picture was taken in dinner time. Prof. Stoffel, Dr. Trappmann, Mr. Lee Hao (left, Laboratory of silviculture and nature conservation, University of Tsukuba), and me (right) are in this picture.
Thank you for coming this meeting and giving interesting lectures!