GLP Asia Conference 2021

GLP Asia Conference 2021(オンライン開催)にて、スタッフの小倉が口頭発表しました。
また、SS10: Outreach and Education of Geography, Hazards, and Disasters のコンビーナ・座長をつとめました。

  • Ogura, T., Hayakawa, Y.S., Yamauchi, H., Tamura, Y., Aoki, T. Utilization of High-Definition Topographic Data for Developing Multi-Scale Spatial-Temporal Cognition of Local Environments.
  • Hayakawa, Y.S. and Ogura, T. Promoting Geographical Thinking Using 3D High-Definition Topographic Data and Handicraft Cardboard Models.
  • Yamauchi, H., Oguchi, T., Hayakawa, Y.S., Ogura, T. Effects of 3D Printed Terrain Models and VR Applications on Geography Education.